We recommend using personal silicone lubricant - it is hypoallergenic, tested safe for human contact, and contains no solvents harmful to the acrylic optical fibers.It will help keep the fibers sliding smooth on your skin.


Just put a small dab of personal silicone lube on a cloth and wipe from the base of the fibers all the way to the tips several times - your goal is to get them evenly coated with a thin slick. Use less than what would make them feel wet. 


*Be sure to use SILICONE, and not other types of personal lube; others will get sticky & gross quickly (e.g. there is a difference between silicone and water-based lube — silicone is what will work.)


**Industrial solvent-based lubricant that has a silicone additive is NOT recommended by us. It can chemically compromise the acrylic.

**FYI: Lube helps clean some grime off, but can't compare to dish soap for deep cleaning. Ultimately the fiber surface will wear out from vigorous use, and won't appear as clean as it was when new. Lube helps keep the fibers sliding smooth and tangling less, but only to some degree. If the fiber surface is really roughed up from use it has become a physically rough surface and lube can only do so much to help that!

See our full fiber care guide.