How to extend the life of your PixelWhip fibers:

  • Keep them out of the dirt and avoid stepping on them
  • Cut the whip to a length that is best for your style of whipping - if you're shorter, this might mean you want a shorter whip!
  • Keep your whip out of the cold - fibers become brittle at lower temperatures
  • Keep your whip in its cloth bag when not in use
  • Choose to either braid your whip or detangle the fibers regularly

How to care for your PixelWhip fibers:

  • Detangle your fibers from time to time
    • Separate the fibers, starting from the very end of the whip, like you would detangle hair
    • Slowly work your way up to the fiber head, untangling the fibers as you go
  • Clean your fibers from time to time
    • For a light wipe and clean, use personal silicone lubricant. Put a dime-sized squirt onto a cloth and use it to wipe down the fibers.
    • For a deep clean, use dish soap. After washing the fibers, reapply silicone lubricant


If you make sure to store your FiberFlies in their handy cloth bag when not in use, keep them away from temperature extremes, and use lubricant to keep the fibers sliding smoothly, you'll be well on your way to extending the life of your PixelWhip fibers!

See our full fiber care guide.